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I went down to the Crossroads

When I was 18 years old, I first heard the opening few lines of "Love in vain" by Robert Johnson and from that moment, my life, my musical views and my ambitions where turned upside down.  I had never related to a guitar sound, the vocals and words so much as I did when I sat completely paralysed by the abilities of a man who all I knew of was to be gathered from just a black and white photograph. 
I literally laid down my guitar for the first time in 2 years (something which I would never have dreamed of doing but felt compelled to) and didn't pick it up until I had listened to the complete recordings of Robert Johnson for a ridiculous amount of times.

The power of these classic recordings formed a solid foundation for my guitar studies and to this day, remains the incentive for me endeavouring to become a better guitarist.  

The Blues gave me something I had never experienced before; a personal insight into my own life that identified with a handful of songs recorded over 2 recording sessions in 1936 and 1937.  And it is with this continued desire to delve deep into the soul of Living Blues, that has transformed me into a guitarist who feels the music before a single note is played.

I was regularly asked by many guitarists to share my knowledge of guitar and theory and it became apparent to me that there was a demand for tuition which allowed the student to quickly achieve their musical goals, be it formal study or just how to master that impossible guitar solo.  


I launched Crossroads Guitar Academy and it quickly became the choice of aspiring guitarists.  With over 6000 lessons personally taught, it would be fair to say that Crossroads was a success and hugely rewarding.

But after 7 years of dedicating myself to tutoring, another wind of change headed in my direction.  Musical Theatre had always been a genre I would never have imagined embarking upon, but the challenge of playing musical scores on a daily basis, where improvisation or skipped notes are strictly prohibited, initially appeared restrictive but immediately became a discipline that elevated my playing to another level.

Throughout the last 20 years, the studio has evolved from being a big room with racks of outboard equipment, into a portable environment where "copy and paste" saves time and money.  I love the recording studio but I have also embraced modern recording concepts and have built a project studio which fuses analog equipment with DAW's...and it works!

So whether you need a guitar part adding to your song, a guitarist adding to your band or a helping hand on how to improve your slide guitar, why not contact me and lets see how I can help you out.

Good Blues to you!


Matt Umanov's, Greenwich Village, NYC

Matt Umanov's, Greenwich Village, NYC


Steve Lukather, Toto, LA


RENT, Lowther Pavilion, Lytham St Annes, UK


Toto Soundcheck, London, UK

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